Awan Damai 

2017 - 2018

Bali, Indonesia

Size:  1200 sf.

Water: Cistern & Spring Water

Power: Utility

Volunteer Project Manager for the first phase of construction for a sustainable community center by the Lagu Damai Foundation, a non - profit, social and educational Balinese foundation. 

Awan Damai (Peace of Clouds) is built on the steep mountainside of Northern Bali. Built from recycled tires, locally sourced lumber and  plaster, this passive build combines Earthship principles and Balinese carpentry.

Newark Beautification Project

Summer 2015

Newark, NJ USA

Size: 1600 sf.

Water: Rain Barrel

Power: N/A

Project Manager for the North Wards Mayors training and leadership program in collaboration with the NJIT College of Architecture and Design and The Greater Newark Conservancy

Community gardens were designed and built into residential neighborhoods to encourage sustainable communities​ and remove urban blight.​