About Us

Reviro Designs is a company that embraces the natural materials of the planet to create self-sustaining structures, unique furniture, landscapes and art using the by-products of human civilization that pollutes the earth. Each project, being an artistic example of environmental solutions, is created by the vision of each client, the cooperation of a community and the passion of its team of builders.


Change is a constant that Reviro Designs celebrates in every one of its unique projects, and opens up a market of opportunity for the company to grow alongside the constant change of the ecological, political and economic spheres. Having an abundance of junk and trash in today’s world means that the company has an abundance of building material, anywhere on the planet! As we educate individuals and communities, we are spreading awareness of the many creative solutions to environmental issues we face while marketing our services as well, giving us a social and monetary advantage over traditional construction companies.

Rustic materials and low impact building techniques is what truly inspires all of our projects at Reviro Designs. Looking to turn that pile of junk in the basement or backyard into something creative and functional? Maybe you have a space that just needs some love? Let us help bring your ideas to life! All of our projects are designed and built intentionally, which means everything from materials to passive mechanical systems are simplified to be cost effective, low maintenance, and energy efficient.


Meet the Owner

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Matthew Maltz

Matthew Maltz began his journey into the construction industry while attending architecture school at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Finding the curriculum a bit lacking in alternative design, Matthew set out to New Mexico in the summer of 2016 to learn from the father of modern alternative building, Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture. After 1 month of being immersed in class and on-site, Matthew returned home with new ideas and a new sense of direction. The next year before graduating college was a time of experimentation, mistakes and learning but was necessary for giving Matthew the confidence and experience to get serious about starting Reviro Designs.


Are recycled materials really cheaper?

In most cases, yes. Although it may take some additional time and labor to prepare in order to be ready for building, the cost of recycled material for a project is still significantly less than the cost of buying all new material. Most of the things we use to build with can easily be found for free and in bulk by knowing who to ask and where to go so  when we combine this unconventional building material with passive design techniques we can maximize their value. Big ticket items such as windows, doors, insulation etc. can also be found for free or at a significantly reduced price with a little bit of luck and patience. 

How do you guarantee your products will last?

Recycled materials are almost always found in less than optimal condition, and need to be properly prepared in order to be viable building material. For example, any reclaimed lumber or palletts we obtain is sorted according to usability then stored to dry for a length of time.  After the moisture content is balanced out, we coat all of our lumber with a waterproofing wood oil that not only protects from weathering but adds shine as well. Natural materials, such as dirt or straw in an enclosed space must be protected from the outside with a vapor barrier, exterior caulk, etc. as to not allow moisture and bacteria from entering the space and slowly eroding at our work.

What is your cost breakdown?

1. Initial free estimate using our form estimator found here


2. Project Design - depending on size, scope of work, etc. the design phase could range from $50 for a consultation to upwards of $2000 for a set of professional construction documents

3. Final estimate is agreed upon and contract is signed by both parties. Reviro Designs has a strict half now-half later payment policy

4. Construction begins and is completed within the agreed time frame and budget. Inspection and remarks by client upon completion of project is highly recommended before final payment

When can I expect my project to be finished?

Customers can expect their project to be finished within their contracts time-frame. Reviro Designs works with every client to ensure that no project is left waiting for completion for months like other contractors. Wen we start a new project, 100% of our focus goes towards it. Now, this also means that most likely we will not be able to start your project immediately, as there are many factors that contribute, but we can promise you that when we do start your project, we will be working on it from start to finish.