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Natural, Recycled and
Unique Construction

We create high quality, high performance, affordable housing and more using natural and recycled materials. Our designs can help reduce the operating costs of commercial and residential structures and improve occupant health and well-being.


"Why do we like to use natural and recycled materials? As citizens of the Earth, we are grounded in nature, and should be incorporating nature into all of the spaces we occupy. This inherently improves our quality of life by bringing the outdoors, in, rather than separating us. It is also our job to take accountability for the waste we produce, and develop without destroying nature in the process by increasing the lifespan of manmade materials." - Matthew Maltz, Principal



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Passive Solar Heating and Cooling


Simple and Effective

Any of various technologies or techniques that uses nonelectric, nonmechanical means such as radiation, conduction, gravity, natural convection and thermal mass to distribute heat, air, water and daylight. Some examples include Passive Solar Heating & Cooling, Drumwalls, Thermal Siphons, Solar Chimneys and Earth Tube Ventilation.

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Beyond Sustainable


This method builds upon the technologies and techniques of Passive Design. The term "regenerative" describes processes that restore a buildings immediate environment, produce and maintain its own resources and inherently improve the quality of life of its occupants. Some examples include Greywater Recycling for food production/exterior irrigation, Green Roofs and air-cleansing building skins.

Grey/Blackwater Recycling

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Recycled Shed


Form Follows Function


 Utilitarian Design may be defined as function-based design that takes usefulness into consideration more than aesthetics. We combine Utilitarian design with recycled materials to create building components and structures whose purpose is:

1.  To create affordable solutions for housing and building

2. Reduce the amount of garbage entering the waste-stream

3. Encourage a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude 

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Biological Architecture

Lost Knowledge Rediscovered


 What is Biological Architecture? It is the combination of geometry, ratio tuning, location, specific materials and physics to harness and amplify the electricity present in Earths ionosphere through the process oImplosion. Examples of Biological Architecture can be found all around the world in Ancient Structures, Temples, Cathedrals, Basilica's, Shrines, and Monuments. 

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